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Kaleidoscope 2016


The Michigan Reading Association invites a deserving student from your school to become a published author!

Select one piece of writing from your building to submit to the Michigan Reading Association. Selected students will be published in our 2017 Kaleidoscope Book and invited to our Young Authors' Luncheon at our 2017 Annual Conference, Passport to Possibilities, Sunday, March 12, 2017.

Submissions due December 18, 2016.

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Submission form for our Kaleidoscope 2016 Publication

Information Sheet


Here is the list of student authors whose stories were selected 

to be published in the 2015 Kaleidoscope!

Congratulations to all!

Avery Schuch - First Grade
Brent Armstrong - Second Grade
Jacqueline Asmar - Second Grade
Laney Goers - Second Grade
Sami Kopasz - Second Grade
Abigail Ontiveros - Second Grade
Anna Peret - Second Grade
Brady Shores - Second Grade
Kaden Smith - Second Grade
Julia von Knorring - Second Grade
Aubrey Weber - Second Grade
Marci Abraham - Third Grade
Maria Gottler - Third Grade
Olivia Hamari - Third Grade
Breanna Kata - Third Grade
Ava Mansfield - Third Grade
Timothy Matthew - Third Grade
Chloe Shaman - Third Grade
Madison Bettys - Fourth Grade
Allison Francis - Fourth Grade
Mia Frickey - Fourth Grade
Olivia Groesbeck - Fourth Grade
Emily Hubbard - Fourth Grade
Kyle Hughley - Fourth Grade
Anne Karyo - Fourth Grade
Sydnie LaPreze - Fourth Grade
Rebecca Lee - Fourth Grade
Lauryn Mangenje - Fourth Grade
Delani Monahan - Fourth Grade
Sydney Nelson - Fourth Grade
Haley Puri - Fourth Grade
Brandon Saynganthone - Fourth Grade
Elizabeth Schneider - Fourth Grade
Adam Wurtz - Fourth Grade
Isabelle Agustin - Fifth Grade
Rea Bardhi - Fifth Grade
Aidan Chen - FIfth Grade
Jenna Clark - Fifth Grade
Shawn DiPiazza - Fifth Grade
Christina Frederick - Fifth Grade
Lilly Froberger - Fifth Grade
Caleb Harris - Fifth Grade
Lanah Kelly - Fifth Grade
Alicia Maxwell - Fifth Grade
Audrey McBride - Fifth Grade
Hannah Podsdalik - Fifth Grade
Allison Raschke - Fifth Grade
Ava Taylor - Fifth Grade
Julia Weihs - Fifth Grade
Cameron Wilson - Fifth Grade
Gabrielle Bailey - Sixth Grade
Emma Bailie - Sixth Grade
Sophia Considine - Sixth Grade
Sophia Evangelista - Sixth Grade
Brooklynn Hathcock - Sixth Grade
Simon Hoang - Sixth Grade
William Parkinson - Sixth Grade
Erik Smith - Sixth Grade
Lauren Tomaszewski - Sixth Grade
Hannah Elizabeth Cesal - Seventh Grade
Selena Croskey - Seventh Grade
Kourtney Kennard - Seventh Grade
Madelyn Rattay - Seventh Grade
Jheda Wish Valdez - Seventh Grade
Emily Cherry - Eighth Grade
Destyni Edwards - Eighth Grade
Ana Miller- Eighth Grade
Rickayla Pate - Eighth Grade
Lillian Ross - Eighth Grade
Noah Snable - Eighth Grade
Abby Sypniewski - Eighth Grade
Nandini Valluru - Eighth Grade
Chris Alvarez - Eleventh Grade
Jahnisa Briggs - Eleventh Grade
Kaleb Davie - Twelfth Grade
Kayla Glenn - Twelfth Grade