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SCECH Information

SCECH Credit

The new Administrative Rules have eliminated the term “State Board Continuing Education Units” (SB-CEUs). In place of SB-CEU credits, educators will earn “state continuing education hours” and “clock hours” for renewal purposes. The Office of Professional Preparation Services will be combining these two terms into one- “State Continuing Education Clock Hours” (SCECHs – pronounced ‘Sketches’)” for renewal credits previously known as SB-CEUs. SCECHs will be awarded through the Secure Central Registry (SCR) and the online evaluation is still required. All the rules we followed for SB-CEUs, now apply to the SCECHs. SB-CEUs earned previously within the appropriate time period can still be used for renewal. The Secure Central Registry will now show participant credits in Hours. For conversion purposes, SB-CEUs X10 equal the clock hours earned.

SCECHs are available at each of our conferences (Research-to-Practice Institute, Annual Conference, Summer Literature Conference, and Leadership Conference). At each event you are required to pick up a SCECH booklet to fill out during your time at the conference. These booklets MUST be turned in at the conclusion of each conference. Each SCECH booklet must be paid for (price varies $5-10) before MRA will upload your SCECH booklet onto the Secure Central Registry. You can pay upon turning in the SCECH booklet, or mail in a check within two weeks after the conference.  In order to continue being able to serve all of our members, MRA must follow the State's rules and guidelines and we are not able to process/upload late booklets or booklets with late payments.

PIC Number Information (Personnel Identification Code)
The SCR and the MOECS systems have merged. SCECHs are now uploaded via PIC numbers and cannot be uploaded without them. If an individual is an MDE certified educator or a K-12 school district employee, they have been assigned a PIC number.

Locating Your PIC

K-12 school district employee PIC

• Your PIC can be accessed by logging into your account in the MOECS system at www.michigan.gov/MOECS and clicking on Manage Demographics.  If you have never been in MOECS before, create a MOECS account by following the directions:

  1. Click on “Create New Login Name/Password” in the MOECS Login box.
  2. Create your login following the directions in MEIS – also make sure to learn the MEIS   Account ID it assigns you (the number starting with an “A”).
  3. Go back to the MOECS login page and log in with your new Login Name and Password assigned through MEIS.
  4. Answer all the questions through the initial creation pages, and fill in all required fields and Save.
  5. Your PIC will be pulled into your MOECS account and located on your Manage Demographics page, just below your email.  If it does not appear there within a couple days, please contact the SCECH Administrator at SCECH@michigan.gov .

If your PIC is not in your SCR account and you are an MDE certified educator or a K-12 school district employee:

  1. Log into your MOECS Account at
  2. Access the Manage Demographics page through the left hand menu list
  3. Locate your PIC above your Education History
  4. Log into your SCR account at www.getmipd.com
  5. Answer the question at the top of the page “Yes”, regardless if you have any of the listed certificates or licenses, and the PIC box will appear.
  6. Enter your PIC in the box that will appear.
  7. Click on “Save and Continue” at the bottom of the page.
  8. All SCECHs from your SCR account will import into your MOECS account within 2-3 business days.


The Secure Central Registry (SCR) (www.getmipd.com) help desk - 517-327-5925

The Michigan Online Educator Certification System (MOECS) (www.michigan.gov/moecs) help desk - 517-373-3310