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MRA is again proud to present our conference app through Guidebook. You are now able to view the program guide, access handouts, network with other conferees, give feedback on sessions and speakers, etc. all from your portable device. To download this year's conference app, follow the instructions below.
guidebook qr 1. Download the "Guidebook" app on your device through your app store and then open the app.

2. Tap the "Scan" button and capture the QR code to the left (or click "Enter Passphrase" and type 'MRADiamond') and click "Get This Guide"

3. To view the guide from your computer, go to http://guidebook.com/guide/58699 


App Features and Tools

Network with other MRA Conferees
• Create virtual business cards to share with other attendees and vendors under the “Cards” section of your app profile.
• Tap on the Attendees icon, and “Check In” to the conference. This will show you all other “Checked-In” conferees and activate the card sharing feature.
• To request a user’s contact information, find their name in the Attendees module and tap the + to the right of their name. The user will need to approve your request before you can view their details. 
• If an attendee or vendor requests your contact information, a notification (denoted by a blue circle) will appear on your device. Tap on this notification to see your pending requests. To approve, tap the + icon to the right of the requester’s name. To deny, tap the X icon.

Take Notes on Sessions
• Take notes in the generic Notes module. This will create a “global” note that is tied to the Guide as a whole, but not to a particular custom list item or session.
• Take notes on a specific session by tapping into a session and clicking “Add a New Note” (iOS) or “Pen/Paper” (Android). This will create a note specific to whichever session you were viewing.
• Share these notes via email, text, or social media!

Receive Updates and Messages from MRA
• During the event, MRA may send out important updates or reminders. These messages will appear in the “Inbox” module. Be sure to check your inbox for updates.

Post Pictures to our Conference Album
• Help us document the great moments of our conference. Take pictures and post them inside the app to our conference photo album!

Give Feedback
• Answer questionnaires and surveys for the general event and individual sessions. To answer these forms, follow the prompts on the screen, and hit submit. Your forms will not save if you navigate away from the page and will need Internet connection to submit your responses.

Follow the Conference on Twitter
• Log in to Twitter right inside the conference app. It will automatically bring up the feeds for both @michiganreading and this year’s hashtag #MRADiamond. Tweet us and follow along right inside the app.